Speaker Blocks

Placing, and configuring physical speakers in your world

What are speakers?

Speakers are blocks/skulls that play spatial audio in your world. They can be placed anywhere in your world, and can be used to play music or sound effects.

Speakers make use of skulls, which may not work properly in servers running either "offline mode" or "cracked", you must have online-mode set to true in your server.properties unless you're running a proxy.

How do I use speakers?

The speaker sub-command will give a new speaker in your inventory with the default settings. You can change the settings by right-clicking the speaker once its placed.

To get a speaker, run the command /openaudiomc speaker <media source>.

Configuration and Redstone

Speakers can be configured by right-clicking them. From there you can change the radius, as well as some behavior settings.

Speakers can be activated by Redstone, and can be configured to play a sound when activated.


  • Requires Redstone - When enabled, the speaker will only play when directly powered by Redstone through a wire or repeater.
  • Reset Playthrough on Redstone Loss - When enabled, the speaker will reset the playthrough of the current sound when Redstone is lost. This is useful for sound effects that need to be played in full, such as a show. Turning this off will mute the speaker when unpowered, but continue playing the sound when powered again.
  • Play Once - When enabled, the speaker will only play the sound once, and will not loop.
  • Ignore Synchronization - When enabled, the speaker will ignore the synchronization settings of the sound, and will play from the beginning each time someone enters its range.


Using speakers in survival

Speaker items retain their source after being broken, and can safely be stored in chests. To get a speaker back, simply break it and pick it up. Note that speakers cannot be crafted, and players still require the appropriate permissions to place, break and edit speakers.



This permission is required to use the /oa speaker command

Default access level: op


This permission allows players to interact with placed speakers in any way

Default access level: op


This permission allows players to create new speaker blocks

Default access level: op


This permission allows players to remove speaker blocks

Default access level: op


This permission allows players to edit speaker blocks (open the GUI)

Default access level: op

Javadoc related to this feature (currently based on the dev branch)