Welcome to the OpenAudioMc documentation!
This site contains everything you need to know about OpenAudioMc, it’s core services and more.

The wiki is devided into 5 core parts, these are
- Installation (which covers installation)
- Terms (which explains some important terms used in the documentation)
- Features (which explains all openaudio commands, and how they function)
- Configuration (which explains how to customize OpenAudioMc to fit your server)
- Experts (which explains some optional features for experts)

If you are still having problems after reading, feel free to join our Discord and ask for help.


How to get started
- How to install OpenAudioMc (bungeecord and spigot)
- Configuring your account
- What are supported browsers
- Setting up GeyserMC


General and good to know
- Media
- Selectors


How to use OpenAudioMc’s features (with examples)
- The Web Client
- The Play Command
- The Stop Command
- Regions
- Speakers
- The Show Command
- The Notification Command
- Philips Hue setup and commands
- Aliases
- TrainCarts integration
- Proximity Voice Chat


How to make OpenAudioMc truly your own
- Accounts
- Linking your Discord/Patreon
- Configuration and Customization
- Permissions

For experts

If you want to go the extra mile
- Java API
- Partnerships
- Client hosting
- Redis
- Network/Server requirements