Proximity Voice Chat

Talking to other players using Proximity Voice Chat

Voice Chat

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Proximity Voice Chat is one of the core OpenAudioMc features. It allows players to others within a configurable radius. They can hear the whereabouts of others through spatial audio, which is incredibly fun for SMP’s, Minigames, Roleplay, and so much more.

There might be cases where VoiceChat can’t finish the automated setup due to license issues. You can force a new license check using /oa voice claim , by claiming a license through your account or by keeping an eye out for news in our Discord


Voice chat exposes a few commands to the end user (other than the regular /audio command), these can be used while their voice chat session is active to easily control their experience without leaving the game.
- /mutemic , /micmute and /mm are quick in-game commands to mute their own microphone, players receive confirmations in chat when their state gets changed.