Using worldguard regions to play music in specific areas

WorldGuard Regions

Note: You need the WorldGuard plugin to use regions

OpenAudioMc has an integration for WorldGuard (both 1.8 to 1.12.2, and the 1. 13 1 .14 update).
This enables you to add music to your regions. The media will be synced between everyone in the region, and those who enter it later. When two bordered regions have the same sound selected, OpenAudioMc will handle them as extensions and not re-start the sound when the player moves from one to the other. When both regions have different sounds, then the old one will slowly fade out while the new sound starts. Overlapping regions are also supported.

Creating a region

Regions have two commands (for adding and removing), the format goes as follows

/openaudio region <create/delete> <worldguard-region-name> [source if created]

In this example, we want to add a sound to our WorldGuard region called station

/openaudio region create station

Deleting a region

To delete the audio of a region, simply do

/openaudio region delete <worldguard-region-name>

Mixing a region

The volume of a region can be pretty hit-or-miss. You usually don’t want it to be too loud since regions often serve as a form of ambiance/background music, or you may want to blast at all times. You can mix the volume of multiple regions with the region editor.
Go stand in one (or more) regions with sound, and execute:

/openaudio region edit

This will open a GUI with all the regions on your current location, you can choose one to edit and change its volume. Volume changes get saved and stay after a restart.

Region fading

Regions have a default cross-fade time of 1 second (1000MS), you can change the fade time per region in the same menu where you can change its volume.

Temporary regions

You can also make temporary regions, which are useful for shows etc.
Temporary regions function just like regions, except that they disappear after a some time and synchronize based on when they were created. This is very useful for systems like shows, where you want users to join later on.

The base command is

/openaudio region <temp> <worldguard-region-name> <duration in seconds>


/openaudio region temp my-show 70

This will create a region with that song for 1 minute and 10 seconds.