Using OpenAudioMc with geyser/bedrock

GeyserMC support

OpenAudioMc has technical support for Geyser, and handles it like a normal BungeeCord proxy (check the installation instructions).


Minecraft Bedrock Edition doesn’t support clickable links in chat, for, whatever reason, this means that bedrock players need to manually enter their client token when they want to open the web client.
You can add {token} as a placeholder in the click-to-connect message in your OA config ( plugins/OpenAudioMc/config.yml ), this will show the token in their chat so they can manually enter it on .
Using clear messaging, like Navigate to, your login token is {token} is recommended.

Note on browsers

Keep in mind that mobile browsers (chrome mobile, ios safari, etc) aren’t completely supported due to their resource saving measures, preventing OpenAudioMc from loading audio files normally and causing WebRTC stability issues. It’s still recommended using a desktop (class) browser, even when playing on a mobile device.