Linking your account

Link your Minecraft server to your Craftmend account

Account Setup Guide

Step #1 - Creating your account

This couldn’t be simpler, just navigate to the registration page , create your account and verify your email.

Step #2 - Linking your server

Your account is empty by default, since you don’t have any servers yet. Head over to the fingerprint page to create your first fingerprint. Fingerprints are one-time codes which can be used to verify your identity.

Click the big blue button to create your first fingerprint


(you can alternatively follow the guide on the servers page)

Step #3 - Verify your server

Your server should now appear on the servers page , and that’s it! Good job :)

Important notes

  • You can only have one active fingerprint at a time, generating them in bulk is no use.
  • Only your top-level server (so that’s bungeecord, if you have a proxy) needs to be linked.