Discord & Patreon

Linking your Craftmend Account with external services (like Patron and Discord)

Account Links


Craftmend accounts can be used to automatically synchronize your profile across platforms related to the OpenAudioMc project. We currently support:

- Linking your Craftmend Account within the community/support Discord server to access applicable roles, participate in early beta tests, receive automated DM notifications about your account/server, enter giveaways and more.
- Linking your Patreon profile to Craftmend in order to access supporter only discord channels, flex with your generous support and to unlock special features that might be included as rewards in your tiers

That all sounds great, doesn’t it?! Best yet, it’s all as easy as can be.

Linking your Discord account:

- 1. Join the Discord Server
- 2. Go to the #bot-commands channel
- 3. Get a fingerprint from your account (just like you did when linking your server)
- 4. Type /setup <your fingerprint> where you obviously replace <your fingerprint> with the one you just copied

Leaving the discord automatically unlinks your discord profile from your craftmend account and will revoke perks that you claimed through invites or giveaways.

Linking your Patreon account:

- 1. Go to the account links page
- 2. Click on the Patreon logo
- 3. Login with your Patreon account, then click Allow

Patreons aren’t required to link their discord, but it’s highly recommended since they’ll get access to patreon only channels and will receive automatic DM notifications about their server.