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Voice Chat

Enabling voice chat

Voice chat isn’t enabled by default because it doesn’t fit every server, and we’re currently unable to offer it to everyone (even though the access group is growing rapidly). There are three ways to claim your key

(Don’t like reading? here’s a scuffed video version) Video version

Free limited access through discord

This grants you access to voicechat with limited slots for one month, after that you’ll have to claim another license. Note that only you (as the server owner) needs an invitation/license, players can just click the link in their chat and continue without an account. To enable voicechat through a claimed code:

  1. Join our Discord Server
  2. Go to the #bot-commands channel
  3. Link your Minecraft server and Discord account to your craftmend account.
  4. Type /claim
  5. Go to your Addons Page and select a Minecraft server on which you’d like to use voice chat
  6. Enjoy!

Access by supporting me on patreon

Patreons can get voice chat access as a perk through some of the support tiers. These activations are valid for as long as you’re a patreon, and come in various packages (for different sizes of servers). To claim your patreon license:

  1. Activate your tier on Patreon
  2. Link your patreon to your craftmend account
  3. Go to your Addons Page and select a Minecraft server on which you’d like to use voice chat
  4. Enjoy!

Patreons aren’t required to link their discord, but it’s higly recommended since they’ll get access to patreon only channels and will receive automatic DM notifications about their server.


Voice chat exposes a few commands to the end user (other than the regular /audio command), these can be used while their voice chat session is active to easily control their experience without leaving the game.


OpenAudioMc has native support for LiteBans, meaning that Muted users aren’t able to use the voicechat at all (they can’t listen or talk until their mute expires).

You’re also able to disable Voice Chat in specific parts of your world through world guard, which is useful to discourage abuse and noise in busy areas or in spaces where you don’t want it to distract from your servers gameplay. To do this, open the region gui as explained here and click the “disable voice chat” button.

Using Voice Chat

Players will be asked to enable voice chat when opening the client if voicechat is supported on the current server. They’ll get a short instructional message explaining what voicechat is (explaining the configured radius, and that they can always opt-out again if they want to)

The tutorial will disappear if they reject the invite, or get replaced with a small personal dashboard where they can mute their microphone, change their audio type (from a dynamic surround system to normal Discord-like volumes), and fine-tune their microphone sensitivity.

The empty box on the left shows who are in voice range (allowing the user to see who’s nearby and talking, or to mute other individual users)