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With shows, you can make time coded shows. Our definition of a show is a list of cues, or scheduled events.

The major benefit about shows is that they are multithreaded. Meaning that in-game lag (TPS drops) will NOT affect or hinder the timing of your show to always keep it in sync with the audio.

So get started, make a show called demo

/openaudio show create demo

We now have a show called demo. We can start/stop it but this won’t really do anything, we need to add cues first. To do so, you fist need to understand what a time code is. A time code is the amount of time from when the start command is executed. OpenAudioMc supports the following formats:

Supported trigger types and their format:

For this demo, we are gonna add two cues. One cue after 0 seconds, a cue after 1 second, and a cue after 1 minute. To add these cues, use the following commands:

/openaudio show add demo 0s command say I fire at the start
/openaudio show add demo 1s command say I fire after one second
/openaudio show add demo 1m command say I fire after one minute

The basic format here is

/openaudio show add <show name> <timecode> <type> <data>

To get the status of a show, you can use

/openaudio show info demo

To start or cancel

/openaudio show <start/cancel> <showname>

You can also edit a show via a gui using

/openaudio show gui <show name>

you can change the show state, scroll through cues and delete them from this GUI.

Want more? read The redis documentation