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IMPORTANT! accounts are only available for versions 6.5 and up, older versions still use the old panel on /oa plus

OpenAudioMc can be used fresh out of the box, but some additional features can be unlocked by linking your installation to an account.

Getting things setup isn’t too difficult if you follow the account setup guide.

Do I need an account?

No, perhaps not. OpenAudioMc will work just fine without an account, but some features are uniquely available through the online admin panel. Unverified servers might be connection limited in the future to prevent abuse, but we’ll let you know when this goes into action.

Do I need to share my account?

No, certainly not. Other staff members can get access to the server by following the same linking instructions if they have their own account, and the server will be transferred to their account and will keep all its settings.

Addon Installation

Some beta or restricted features are currently installed through addons which goes on a per-profile basis. You’ll get an activation code when you get accepted for a special feature, these codes are just random strings of characters (like ZLuMCoeGE6i8FHmYFLceLe6iE) and can only be used once, so keep them to yourself to prevent others from running off with it.

To activate your addon, head over to the addons page and enter your activation code in the text box, then hit submit. addon home page

Your new addon will now appear in the list on the left, this is where all your addons will be sown, along with a short description. Click the newly added addon to start its initial installation (you can click some addons again to change their settings after the fact, but voicechat which is used in this example has a one-time permanent setup)

A small popup will then appear, guiding you through the setup step by step. Pay close attention, your initial installation cannot be undone, and you may be asked to restart your server afterwards!
addon installer

Automation Process

Some servers scale their servers dynamically, which often involves new servers being made from templates with their “default” settings. We do offer an addon for this (PersistentFingerprints), which gives you a set of permanent fingerprints that you can set as environment variables in your containers to automate server validation and linking. Please contact us through the discord to request an activation code for this addon, and we’ll hook you up.