PlaceholderAPI Integration

Hooking into PAPI with OpenAudioMc

PAPI Integration

WARNING! Our PlaceholderAPI provider is only registered for the spigot instance

OpenAudioMc supports the PlaceholderAPI plugin. This means that you can display data from OpenAudioMc in your chat, scoreboard, tablist and more.

Be careful not to expose your token to the public, as it can be used to impersonate you.


All our placeholders use the oa_ prefix, and return values can be configured in our config.yml file.

Placeholder Description Example
oa_connect_client Connection state of the client in context Connected!
oa_connect_vc Connection state to voicechat in context Not conneced to voice chat!
oa_count_client The amount of players with the client open 5
oa_count_vc The amount of players in voice chat 3
oa_count_vc_max The maximum amount of voicechat slots. Useful to displays like 5 10 8
oa_token Shows the personal token of a player, should never be public in tab. 38dDy


You can easily validate if your placeholders are working by using the /papi parse command. For example, to test the oa_token placeholder, you would run /papi parse <player> %oa_token% .