Extra perks of becoming a sponsor

OpenAudioMc has always been a hobby project that I ran in my spare time ever since it launched 5 years ago.
I love to spend time on the project, expanding it, improving it and growing it to be a mature application for everyone to use, and we’ve come a long day since our release in 2016.

The ugly truth is though, that hosting a project like this requires a lot of attention during times when I might not have all the spare time in the world (during exams, etc), and with the projects insane growth over the last two years, the hosting costs have skyrocketed.

My amazing patreons are the ones who keep the project going, enable me to spend a lot of extra time on it and keep the show financially stable. They get a few pretty neat perks in return, like:

- Access to the patreon channels in discord with early previews, prioritized support and awful dad-jokes
- Prioritized API access, ensuring that their service will skip the queue when our servers are busy
- Extra voicechat slots, enabling their bigger community to grow while also enabling the free users to enjoy OpenAudioMc
- Access to local file streaming and increased CDN access
- Streamer mode, protecting URL’s and sessions when shown on stream
- A cool green tag in our Discord
- Support for video (mp4) backgrounds in their web client
- My love, honestly, NONE of this would be possible without my supporters and that’s something that means more to me than I can express <3