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OpenAudioMc has permissions for everything and is fully configurable. If you don’t want to bother with permissions, you can give yourself OP (or openaudiomc.* on bungeecord) and be done with it, or dive into the specifics.


OpenAudioMc command permissions have their own wildcard for all the permissions (openaudiomc.commands.*), this will give you access to all the admin commands.

You can also (dis)allow specific commands, the format for this is openaudiomc.commands.<sub command>, where the sub command is the second argument in your OpenAudioMc command. Example: you need openaudiomc.commands.region to use /oa region create.


Speakers have their own two commands for breaking and placing the blocks (alltough the player is still required to be in Creative mode). To allow all speaker interactions, you need, openaudiomc.speakers.*.

The specific permissions are: