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OpenAudioMc supports multiple file formats for your sounds, these are:


It is possible to add support for other sources as well. OpenAudioMc has a java api to add support for url manipulations. This means that there are add-on plugins like OpenAudioMc-Youtube to expand the feature set with an alternative youtube engine.

Random media

You might want to shake things up a little every once in a while by assigning random sounds to a region, command or whatever. You can simply do this by stringing multiple sources in a JSON array, so you’d enter something like ["",""] instead of your singular source. The client will chose a random sound from the list when the media is requested to start.

Playback Options

The OpenAudioMc audio format is what’s being used throughout the network. It contains the source, and a UNIX timestamp for when the command was executed. This is defined by the plugin and does NOT get changed anywhere further on in the process.

Other optional metadata included:

All the optional tags should be included in the Play command as a JSON object with the spaces left out, so a fully decked out argment would look like