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OpenAudioMc-Plus (or OpenAudioMc+ for short) is a free online admin panel for server administrators to configure, customize and hook into the OpenAudioMc client.

To login, execute /openaudiomc plus and you will receive a link in the chat. The link will create a session for you and you’ll be logged out again after 10 minutes. If anyone gets your link by accident, and you want to lock them out, restart the server or execute the command again, this will invalidate all existing links.

For more information, please look around in the panel since every page is explained and provides you with clear steps for what to do next :)

Most updates related to the web will roll-out automatically, meaning that you’ll get the new client features without doing anything. Keep an eye out on the plus panel, Discord, or my twitter to get notified about updates.

Also! Before I forget to mention it, it also has some public REST API’s for other developers wich you can use to do anything from requesting online players to getting a client url by player UUID.